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Creation is already finished. The Key to everything

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Since this topic has come up a few times today in this sub, I wanted to expand on it a little because it's a tough one to grasp, but also a very important one to understand as it can allow people to have major shifts in their ability to manifest once they do.

Creation is already finished.

This means that we live in a multiverse and every possible version of everyone we know exists. It also means that every possible outcome exists and that everything you could ever possibly be, do or have already exists. It’s done. All of it. There are infinite possibilities and options available to you. You already have everything you could ever want. You already are every version of yourself you could ever want to be. You already are with any and every SP you could ever want. And you can choose ANY version of them you wish to be with. Your job is to become a match to that thing that you want (because you get what you are as the 3D is a mirror of you, your internal beliefs/feelings IE: state of consciousness).

Contemplate this for a moment. Truly let that concept take root in your understanding. Infinite versions exist. Infinite. Think of how many that is… trillions times trillions times trillions on through infinity! There is no end. No limit. So you have everything already. You already are everything. And everyone you know exists in every single variation you could ever possibly imagine and countless more.

Your only job is to be a match to what it is you want because we get what we are. This is why quantum shifts can happen. Because if you can get to the state of truly feeling you have it or are it, whatever it is, and let that wash over you completely while letting go of the old stories of what you don’t want or don’t have leaving that lack and limitation or the desire of it (which comes from lack and is a state of not having) behind, AND if you can then hold in your awareness that you already are it, have it, whatever it is, you could shift into instantly having it or being it as your experience. Think about that for a minute. It’s the key to everything IMHO.

The two main problems most people have with manifesting are:

  1. They struggle to get and stay in the state of consciousness of having or being what they want.

  2. They struggle to believe they can have or be what they want.

Both of these things are required in order to manifest in my experience because we get what we are and we must know we can have it.

So first, let’s talk about the state of consciousness, that feeling of having or being whatever you want:

The 3D is a mirror of you. You want to be rich? Then you must feel rich and see yourself as rich. Want to be loved? Then you must feel loved and believe you are or can be loved. Want to be thin? Then you must feel and see yourself as thin. If you are not the thing you want to be - rich, loved, thin from these examples, you will not manifest it. If by fluke you do, it will not stay. And there are countless stories of these things happening where someone gained wealth to lose it, got their SP only to lose them, or lost weight only to gain it back. Why? Because they were not a match to what they wanted. IE: They did not become that thing that they wanted and so eventually that reflection of who they truly were caught up with them.

So how does one become what they want IE: shift their state of consciousness?

By living in the end and imagining themselves as having it or being it. By revisiting this state over and over as often as possible. This is how you shift states of consciousness. Don’t worry if you are not there all the time. Just keep revisiting it. The more you go back to that feeling state of having or being it (by using your imagination via whatever technique you use), the more natural it will become. This is why the naturalness of the state is so important. And this happens to be something that seems to need a little bit of clarification for many people.

The state of naturalness that Neville mentions is often viewed as how it would feel if you had something for a while. And most people say it would feel normal to you. But while this has truth to it, I think it lacks clarity and precision. So let me clarify it for you. The ‘natural’ feeling you are going for is the NEW state of consciousness you have come to embody where you now are the thing you want to be or have. IE: Feeling thin, feeling loved by your SP, feeling rich. You MUST feel you are the thing you want. It MUST feel natural to you. This is why embodying the state until it becomes natural to you is so important. And this is the ‘naturalness’ you are going for. It is when it feels natural to you that you are rich, that you are loved, that you are thin. That then is what goes out into the 3D and what you get in the 3D because you get what you are. The 3D is nothing more than a mirror of you.

Now with regards to this, it is essential that you recognise how imperative it is to not dwell in states of lack, states of desiring, or states of any old stories you do not want because those are not a match to what you want. They are a match to lacking what you want, desiring (not having) what you want, or having specifically what you don’t want in the case of many old stories. To dwell in those places is to keep sending out into the 3D what you don’t want. And so what you will get reflected back at you is what you don’t want. You get what you are. You must change what you are to what you want to be in order to get what you want. No one to change but self. This is always true.

After you have achieved this shift in your state of consciousness where you now embody the state of having or being what you want, the only thing left to do is know that because every option already exists in this brilliantly designed system, you already have everything you could ever want, or you already are whatever you would like to be. All you need to do is remember that you already have it, that you already are it. It is done. This awareness can create a monumental shift allowing you to instantly arrive in the sabbath if you are able to accept this as truth.

Manifesting is nothing more than choosing what you want, becoming it internally (because you get what you are) and then knowing it is done. People get in their own way by not getting into the state of having or being what they want internally and by doubting it is done. Doubt is basically a state of lack. If you doubt it is done that you are rich, loved or thin, then you are essentially no longer rich, loved or thin in your mind during those doubtful moments because you are shifting toward looking to the 3D to tell you who you are. It’s like saying “I believe I am rich, loved, thin, but I’m not sure if I’ll really become rich, loved or thin.” Well, there you go. You just threw the whole thing into question, didn’t you? And suddenly you were no longer it.

One must hold true to their new state and have faith that the 3D will match them. They must persist. Don’t look to the 3D to tell you that you are it or you have it. Look within and know you already are it, that you do already have it in this perfectly designed system where creation is already finished. Then sit in faith knowing that it is done. Because it is. And as you remember that you already have everything and are everything because creation is finished, so shall it be.