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Several of my small (yet still meaningful) manifestations.

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I thought I’d share a list of some of my favorite little manifestations that have solidified my faith in the law. It’s easy to focus on the Big Desires, but there’s so much happiness to be found in the smaller things, too.
  1. I kind of wanted flowers, thought about receiving them just once, and my partner brought me some that day. I was so happy!

  2. I saw a huge jumping spider crawl into my closet. I’m a live and let live kind of gal, but I really don’t like the idea of having spiders in my clothes, even if it’s a cute little fella like a jumping spider. I looked for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. But, no need to freak out, I can just test the law. I thought about the spider crawling out of my closet and on the wall where I could catch it, and paid attention to something else in the meantime. This was like, pretty freaking instantaneous, because out pops the spider from the opposite door of the closet a minute later, crawling right where I could get it. I put it in a cup and took it outside and we exchanged (very loving) glances from afar.

  3. Think about seeing a shooting star, here comes a shooting star soon after. This has happened many, many times— I really love doing this one.

  4. I occasionally play Neopets for the #nostalgia. I’ve manifested finding rare items from random events, desired wearables from mystery capsules, etc. by imagining it happening.

  5. Three back to back $100 lottery wins after playing for fun and thinking, hey, what if these all were winners?

  6. This past week, I developed what I thought was hyperphantasia, but recently learned is actually prophantasia. This is my current favorite, and a desire I had quite a bit of attachment to after being under the impression I had aphantasia. I have been using my own subliminal (I have a lot of fun making them and love to use them as a tool for manifestation!), and now I’m honing it through meditation. This one is seriously amazing and fills me with absolute joy, 10/10.

  7. In another one of my personal subliminals, I had an affirmation for reconnecting with family members and having enhanced relationships with the people in my life. After years of no contact, my dearest relative from my childhood reached out to me and we shared an emotional conversation. Like… we really reconnected. My heart feels light just thinking about it.

  8. Weight loss. From high 160s (pounds) and a poor relationship with food to 120s and living an effortlessly healthy lifestyle. I lost most of my weight within the first three months of conscious manifestation and changing the way I speak to and about myself.

  9. Whenever I’m looking for something, all I have to think is, “oh! There it is!” And within seconds to minutes I find it. I have found items that were missing for months by doing this.

  10. I manifested this as a kid, before I ever knew about the law. My eyes turned from blue to green. I basically just went around telling everyone and myself that I had green eyes, even put it on my driver’s license. A year ago I wanted to have heterochromia eyes, started affirming and listening to subliminals every now and again, and now my eyes have a green outer ring while being blue in the little flower/sunburst part of the eye. My partner has complimented them very specifically and out of nowhere: “Wow, your eyes look both blue and green right now. Do they change colors depending on what you wear?”

Have fun with it, every day! I wish you all happiness. May you create a life you love!