Don't Get Side Tracked

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Neville Goddard on prayer

Let me ask you people here a question: when you read a post here on this subreddit that gets your attention and 'makes it click' for you, what do you do after? Let's say two days after reading it, do you remember what it said? Do you have these lessons present (really present) everyday?

I'm telling you this because it seems people usually forget things and get caught up on other everyday stuff so they get sidetracked. Or maybe they go down a rabbit hole of techniques, videos, posts, etc.

You better understand that we've all been programmed in different ways that are not compatible with how the law works, so your default state is probably not the most optimal for conscious manifesting. The only way to reprogram your mind and change your life is consistency. So especially in the beginning is very important to have the key ideas present in your everyday life, at least until it's integrated in your mind and your way of life. Not trying to push an assumption here but I do believe you can't do this overnight, or after reading a post or watching a video, it needs consistent mind work. It needs trial and error too, it's a process, it's an art that can be mastered. It probably needs motivation too, the most amazing changes in people's lifes come after they get fed up with their lifes, or after some events that lit a fire in their hearts, if you really grasp the idea that you can get everything you've ever wanted with the law and you're still not motivated, then I don't know what to tell you. Wait a minute, I do know: discipline. Discipline conquers what motivation doesn't, but you still need to put in the consistent work. Once it's mastered and really integrated, you'll not be sidetracked anymore since it becomes your default state.

So my tip here is to get these key ideas, these posts that made it click for you, and save them. Make a list, a diagram, a drawing, recording, whatever you want, make it simple and keep it short, and read it, watch it, hear it everyday. As many times as necessary, so it gets into your skull, because you'll probably forget it otherwise. Hell I even have a small tattoo that says I AM on my wrist, and I see it everyday. Do it until you no longer need reminders because it's part of you.

So to end this post I'll list some of those key ideas that I have saved in my own journey, feel free to add some of your own if you like:

  • It's all about you and your mind, 3D is just an output of your mental state.
  • Every thing or person that is relevant to you (especially if you put them on a pedestal) shows you something about yourself, use them to be conscious and realize what you need to work on.
  • Circumstances don't matter since they are not set in stone, they change as you change.
  • Don't focus on getting things, focus on giving yourself the wish fulfilled.
  • Creation is finished, you don't have to force anything, you can't lose anything, just connect to the reality where you already have it.
  • You can have bad days or low moments, don't repress them, but observe them from a distance and let them pass, they always pass if you let them.
  • You don't need permission to live your best life and your wish fulfilled, forgive and forget to be free. A God is boundless.
  • People will act the way you expect them to (EIYPO), not the way you like to, unless it becomes an expectation, you can't fool yourself with this one.