World Fair Trade Organization

Cup of Joe’s is happy to be a promoter of coffee from nations participating in the World Fair Trade Organization! Supporting over 401 organizations around the globe:

  • Africa- Cofta
  • WFTO- Asia
  • WFTO- Europe
  • WFTO- Latin America
  • WFTO- Pacific



Tanzania, Germany, Thailand and Nepal are home to the delicious and varied coffee’s we offer in all our locations. COJ purchases coffee from local farmers and brings the world’s best coffee to you.


The World Fair Trade Organization supports small farmers and artisans in developing nations. WFTO's mission is "to enable producers to improve their livelihoods and communities through Fair Trade". (admin, 2019) Their five goals are:

  1. To be the leading network of the Fair-Trade movement
  2. To provide an environment for sharing and learning
  3. To raise awareness of and promote the Fair-Trade model, and advocate for change to conventional trade.
  4. To create market access opportunities for members
  5. To enhance WFTO’s capability to deliver a broader range of services to its members

All coffee sold in our locations are WFTO who purpose is to provide a fair-trading platform for developing nations. All commercial retail merchandise is produced by COJ’s Coffee Company.


Administrator (6 September 2014). "VISION AND MISSION"World Fair Trade Organization. Retrieved 26 January 2019.


Press Release

Cup of Joe

Trish Thomas Mink                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

C.E.O. Cup of Joe’s Coffee Company



Provide our customers with fresh coffee, while supporting the farmers of Free-Trade

Phoenix, Arizona, November 16, 2019


      November 16, 2019- Cup of Joe’s Coffee Company has been operating since 2010 as an activist in working with the World Free Trade Organization in bringing South American Coffee to the U.S. This week C.E.O. Trish Mink came forward to explain the recent rumors about the company purchasing coffee from less than scrupulous suppliers. Mink in her statement had this to say, “We apologize and are embarrassed for the discovery that our employees have purchased coffee from suppliers other than our farmers at the WFTO. Mostly we are deeply sorry for not supporting the hardworking men and women in our Free-Trade partnership. We have developed a procedure to prevent this from happening in the future. Even more, we are profoundly sorry to our customers for not honoring the trust you placed with us. Moving forward we are fully committed to fulfilling our promise of superior coffee from WFTO farmers.  It is because of our customers that we have the wonderful position of providing a great coffee experience and are able to support developing nations.”  Mink revealed the company is providing immediate training educating employees on Cup of Joe’s procedures:

  • Setting out the new policies of Cup of Joe’s Coffee Company
  • New procedures for purchasing that will be double checked by purchasing manager
  • Line of continuity demonstrating origin of where supplies of coffee are purchased from
  • Procedure for checking product upon arrival from the WFTO farmers
  • Back-up purchasing will be organized in case of a problem with a getting coffee shipment, preventing outside purchasing in the future

    This process will enable our employees to specifically follow procedure. Then managers will double check their orders. We will be able to track specific orders of coffees to specific regions and examine product upon arrival at Joe’s. There will a process in case of emergency outlining steps to take in obtaining back-up product. This will be observed when original supplier is out of coffee or has some other shipping issue. Also, storage of coffee beans in warehouse (regularly rotated) will allow us to have stock on hand. This provides a two-prong supply of Fair-Trade farmers coffee for our customers.

      Finally. we will begin to provide more an in-store experience of where our coffee comes from and about the WFTO’s work with developing nation’s suppliers. This will be accomplished with in house displays about the regions, along with retail products for purchase. We will do whatever it takes in our commitment to the WFTO and you our customers to provide a superior coffee and support our developing neighbors.

Contact: Trish Thomas Mink



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